Friday, November 2, 2007

"Amour des mots" a theme for the Love of Words

Soft BlogSpot Themes second template (if I don't count the different versions of the prevoiu one).

This one is special as it's made especially for a friend's blog "Pour les amoureux des mots ..." (take a look if you're a bit familiar with French) the name of her blog gave me the idea of naming the theme "Amour des mots" (Love for Words).

The theme is modified from Scribe made by Todd Dominey from, I visited the site & I especially like it's old version, a ballad in a nice animated village with a relaxing background music waits for you there if you take some time & visit it ...

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linda zhao said...

Is this free template for blogspot? Wow very good, do you have any more?